Dear colleagues and friends, today exactly 40 years have passed since the creation of the Almaty Libraries!

Let me remind you that on January 24, 1984, the centralized systems of children’s and public libraries in Almaty were united and the Centralized Library System of Almaty was organized.

Over these four decades, the Almaty Libraries have done a tremendous amount of work and contributed to the development of culture and education in the city of Almaty.

Today I want to express my deep gratitude to every employee whose efforts, warmth and professionalism are aimed at developing the library sector. Your dedicated service and desire to raise the standards of quality in our common cause make our libraries special places where culture and education become accessible to every resident of our metropolis.

I wish each of you health, prosperity and prosperity to the Almaty Libraries!


Director of Almaty Libraries

Bektembaev Meiram Erkenovich