12 Almaty Library staff returned from the capital of South Korea, Seoul, where they successfully studied at the prestigious Gachon University and visited such libraries as Namsan Public Library, Starfield Library, Chung Ang University Library, Seoul Children Library, Seoul Women’s University Library.

The purpose of this trip is not just professional development, but also the exchange of valuable experience between librarians of Almaty and colleagues from Seoul. This event opens up new prospects for the development of the cultural space of the city.

As a result of professional development, each employee received a certificate of successful completion of training under the program “Treasures of Culture: a reader’s guide for librarians”. In addition to technical skills and techniques, Almaty Library staff brought a whole range of cultural ideas and concepts from Seoul.

The head of the Department of Culture of Almaty, Maylibayev Gani Aidarovich personally met with the staff of the Libraries of Almaty. The participants of the meeting shared their impressions and talked about how this training enriched their professional skills, which will be applied in their work in the future.

We wish the staff of Almaty Libraries success in their future work!