On March 30, with the assistance of the Government of the city of Lianyungan, a solemn opening ceremony of the “Corner of Chinese Literature” was held at the Zhambyl City Youth Library. The main goal of this event is to develop cooperation and interaction in the field of culture between neighboring China and Kazakhstan. Members of the delegation headed by Deputy Mayor of Lianyungan Mr. Yan Xingzhong took part in the event.

Today, given the importance of international cooperation in the cultural sphere, the Centralized Library System of Almaty places great importance on establishing international connections and strengthening mutual cooperation as one of its priority areas of activity. The opening event of the “Corner” was attended by Yan Sinzhun – Deputy Mayor of Lianyungang City, Huei Xian – Head of the Foreign Affairs Department of the People’s Government of Lianyungang City, Yan Lun – Chairman of the Board of the Lianyungang City Port Corporation, Zhang Zhaohua – Deputy Director of the Trade Administration Office, Zhao Tao – the Lianyungang City People’s Congress, Chief of Staff of the Government, Su Jun – Deputy Secretary of the Lianyungang District Committee, First Deputy Head of the SCO Committee on International Logistics at the district management level in Lianyungang, Cao Haixia – Translator at the Translation Services Center in Lianyungang, Wang Peilun – Deputy General Director of International Trade LLP “Binli”, Zhang In – Director of the Foreign Trade Documentation Department, LLP “Center for International Trade “Binli”, Wang Pen – Head of the Goods Delivery Department “Jindou” LLP “Yun”, Ciao Jyango – “Bo Lo” Chief Digitalization Officer LLP. The event was attended by Almaty bloggers, intellectuals and readers.