Representatives of Almaty Libraries visited the International Library of Children’s Literature in Tokyo, with the aim of mutual exchange of experience. The International Library of Children’s Literature in Tokyo, a branch of the unique imperial library, which carefully preserves the history and treasures of children’s literature.

The International Library of Children’s Literature in Tokyo is not just a building, it is a historical monument, a precious place for connoisseurs of literature and researchers. The library was built in 1906 and expanded in 1919, and today its walls contain priceless ancient manuscripts and books that cannot be found anywhere else.

The delegation from Almaty met with Mr. Natsume Masayuki, a specialist of the Cooperation Planning Department, as well as with Deputy Director Nakamura. During the meeting, Mr. Natsume conducted a tour of the library building, telling about its history, the peculiarities of storing books and the conditions of their use.

The history of the building: The library building impresses with its grandeur and architectural beauty. It is a real historical monument, permeated with centuries of culture and knowledge. Built over a hundred years ago, it continues to inspire and attract visitors from all over the world.

Book Storage Details: The International Library of Children’s Literature in Tokyo takes care of every page, every book. Here books are stored in ideal conditions to preserve their value for many years. Visitors have access to a rich collection, including original ancient manuscripts and books that tell the stories of generations.

There are many educational opportunities: the tour also showed study halls for researchers of literature and architecture, middle and high school students. But special attention was paid to the reading room for preschool children. It is a place where future generations can begin their journey in the world of reading and education.

Exchange of experience: The meeting not only lifted the veil over the rich history of the library, but also allowed representatives of Almaty to exchange information and experience in the field of library development. This event became a bridge between two cultures, two countries.

After the visit of the delegation from Almaty to the International Library of Children’s Literature in Tokyo, it became clear that books have the ability to overcome boundaries and connect us around a common love of reading and education. This event has become a symbol of friendship and cultural enrichment between Kazakhstan and Japan, as well as inspiration for the development of librarianship in both countries.

The Director of Libraries of Almaty — Bektembayev Meiram Yerkenovich, noted the special importance of cooperation and strengthening the international dialogue between libraries for the further development of world culture.