On September 28, an amazing poetic evening called “Shygystan zharkyrap shykkan zhuldyz edi” (Translation: “The star that rose from the East”) was held in the branch No. 32 of the Almaty Library. This event was dedicated to the art of poetry and gathered inspired poets and connoisseurs of the word.

The event was attended by famous poets and writers whose creative talents give brightness to Kazakh poetry. Among the poetic stars of the evening were:

Panzabekov Kopbosyn is a poet, translator, member of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan, Amangazy Karipzhanaulety is a laureate of the International Literary Award “Alash”, chairman of the NGO “Zheltoksan Madeni Madeniyet ortalygy”, Gulkhan Aitakanovna is an honored worker of the Republic of Kazakhstan, holder of a special certificate for the award named after him. Rabindranta Tagore of the World Literary Forum “MS”, Chairman of the ICSM (Youth Kazakh Social Mediation), Iztleu Toishybayevich is a poet and a member of the ICSM, Shauken Shinaevna is a poet from China, which emphasizes cultural exchange and diversity of creative views, Yerkin Ermekov is a young poet and senior literary adviser of the Writers’ Union of Kazakhstan, Aida Beisen is the author of the collection poems “Time and space”. The host of the evening was the poet and writer Aizhamal Zholdaskyzy.

The event was a real celebration of words and art, where each participant was able to share their creative findings and inspiration.

This poetic evening left warm memories and inspired all those present to further creative achievements.