As you know, the President of Kazakhstan, Kassym-Jomart Tokayev, actively advocates for the promotion of reading among all age groups — from adults to children and adolescents. He regularly emphasizes the key role of books and literature in the formation of a harmonious, educated and developed society. Kassym-Jomart Kemelevich pays special attention to the importance of developing a love of reading from early childhood.

Libraries of Almaty held a press tour with the participation of media representatives as part of their 40th anniversary. The press tour started with an informative briefing at the Alatau Creative Hub, where the director of Libraries in Almaty, Meiram Bektembayev, spoke about key moments in the history of institutions, their important role in the educational process and cultural life of the city. The main topics of the briefing were the replenishment of the book fund with modern and in-demand literature, the modernization of libraries, the transition to a round-the-clock mode of several branches, digitalization, international cooperation, as well as the creation of conditions for accessible reading for people with disabilities. The journalists were able to get answers to relevant questions and even offer their creative ideas for the development of the city’s libraries.

By the way, Almaty libraries are actively implementing the ideas of the head of state, enriching their shelves with world bestsellers and novelties of literature for all ages and tastes. To date, the book collection amounts to 1,322,904 units. Free Internet access and modern computers are available in almost every library in the city. Every year, the Libraries of Almaty organize about four thousand different events with the participation of cultural figures, artists, musicians and athletes. In addition, libraries have a variety of free clubs and sections where children and teenagers learn foreign languages, practice choreography and vocals, as well as play checkers and chess. Libraries also actively cooperate with other organizations and foreign colleagues. For example, the staff of the Almaty Libraries have completed practical training in Korea, Germany and Switzerland.

After the briefing, a tour of several branches of Almaty Libraries was organized for the participants, including branch No. 4, the third library to switch to round-the-clock mode, No. 14 and No. 39, which were modernized this year, and the guests also visited the Central City Library named after A.P.Chekhov, where the latest technologies were demonstrated such as self-service stations and devices for blind and visually impaired readers.