In honor of the professional holiday – Librarian’s Day, Almaty libraries organized a gala event with the participation of library veterans.

The Head of the Almaty City Culture Department, Gani Aidarovich Mailibaev, made a welcoming speech, congratulating the veterans and expressing gratitude for their invaluable contribution to the development of the city’s culture. During the event, participants were awarded letters of gratitude for their many years of work in the library field.

This significant event was the first of its kind and left a lasting impression on all participants.

A festive program with creative performances was organized for veterans.

In turn, the Director of the Almaty Library, Bektembayev Meiram Erkenovich, took the initiative to create a Council of Veterans at the Almaty Library. This proposal opens up new opportunities for library veterans, allowing them to continue to actively participate in the life of the library and share their experience and wisdom.

Librarian’s Day has become a particularly important event, emphasizing the value of libraries and their employees in preserving cultural heritage and enriching the cultural life of the city. Almaty librarians continue to serve the community, inspiring with their dedication and passion for the world of books and knowledge.