The Central City Library named after A.P.Chekhov hosted a round table on the topic “Zorlyk — zombylyk kogam kasireti” (“The fight against violence in society”). The event, organized jointly with the Council of Mothers of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in Almaty, attracted the attention of representatives of the crisis center, activists, scientists and media representatives.

The purpose of the round table was not only to discuss the problem of violence against women, but also to actively participate in the formation of a conscious society capable of countering this negative phenomenon. The moderator of the round table was Berdaly Ospan, a cultural scientist.

Leading experts and community leaders spoke during the event. One of the key participants was the discussion of the role of the Council of Mothers of the Assembly of People of Kazakhstan in this struggle. Israilova Makhinur Vilyamovna, Chairman of the Council of Mothers, stressed the importance of uniting women and their active participation in public life.

Among the speakers were Akmaral Dabyrtaevna, Candidate of Historical Sciences, associate Professor, professor, who spoke about the historical aspects of the struggle for women’s rights in Kazakhstan, and Tuimegul Ibasheva, editor—in—chief of the magazine “Zan”, who shared her experience in journalistic coverage of such problems.

Representatives of the creative intelligentsia, youth and media representatives became an integral part of the event.

The event highlighted the importance of the joint efforts of society in solving the problem of violence against women. The discussions and proposals made at the round table will be the starting point for developing concrete steps to prevent and end cases of violence. Almaty demonstrates unity and willingness to act in defense of its women and create a society free from violence.